Recreational Vehicles

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Here at HH&B, we recognize that in today’s society, most families own one or more recreational vehicles. The risks of owning a recreational vehicle are similar to those of owning an automobile. A person is exposed by reason of the ownership or use of such a vehicle either due to injury or death to another or damage to another’s property, injury or death to the user of the vehicle, and physical damage to the vehicle itself.

Recreational vehicles are generally grouped into five categories:

1). Land motor vehicles with four or more wheels (ATV’s).
2). Land motor vehicles with fewer than four wheels (Motorcycles).
3). Land motor vehicles which operate on crawler treads (Snowmobiles).
4). Non self-propelled land vehicles (campers).
5). Watercraft.

Each of these various types of recreational vehicles represents a unique exposure and must be properly insured.

HH&B represents a number insurance companies that can insure each of the various types of recreational vehicles mentioned above. If you own any of these types of vehicles, or are not sure if the vehicle you own should be insured, contact your local HH&B agent and they will review your particular situation.

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